Dessert ice cream with pineapple, bananas and yogurt

Dessert ice cream with pineapple, bananas and yogurt

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Rub the yolks with a pinch of salt until the sugar rises, until it increases in volume and the sugar melts. Add 150 ml of pineapple compote juice and mix. Put the composition in a double-bottomed pot, over low heat and mix until the composition thickens. Put the bowl down, put it with the base in cold water and stir until it cools.

Cut the bananas into slices and sprinkle with lemon juice.

We stop a few slices of pineapple for decoration, and mix the rest together with the banana slices and yogurt. Mix with egg cream.

Beat the sour cream and mix it with the rest of the composition. Pour the mixture into a bowl with a lid and put it in the freezer for a few hours or until the next day. After 30 minutes, mix the composition again to avoid the formation of ice crystals.

Simple pineapple and yogurt ice cream - blender recipe

Yogurt is an ideal base for homemade ice cream, prepared in a blender. Any fruit can be used. All combinations are successful, but fruits with a rich, creamy core work best: such as bananas, peaches, apricots, nectarines, mangoes or berries.

Pineapple and Yogurt Ice Cream

Pineapple and yogurt ice cream - recipe

Pineapple has a sweet juiciness, and a captivating tropical flavor. It is an ideal fruit for hot summer days, when we need more hydration, especially if we choose to serve it in the form of juice, sorbet or ice cream.

• 1 cup of frozen pineapple pieces
• 160 g of creamy yogurt

• 2 tablespoons of honey
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
• ½ tablespoon of lemon juice

You can use fresh pineapple, or canned pineapple pieces. Put the pineapple pieces in a bag in the freezer overnight.

Before putting the pineapple pieces in the blender, leave them at room temperature to thaw a little. Otherwise, you risk damaging the blender if it is not high speed.

Add the yogurt and other ingredients, if using. Mix until everything is smooth and results in a fine cream, like ice cream.

This wonderful dessert can be served immediately, for an instant cooling effect.

If you do not have frozen pineapple, use fresh pineapple, mixed in a blender with yogurt, then freeze the cream obtained until it hardens like ice cream.

A cup of yogurt (165 g) gives us:

& # 8211 105% vitamin C
& # 8211 77% manganese
& # 8211 20% copper
& # 8211 11% vitamin B6
& # 8211 11% vitamin B1
& # 8211 9% fiber
& # 8211 7% folic acid
& # 8211 7% vitamin B5

Pineapple is rich in bromelain, a complex blend of substances endowed with many health benefits:

& # 8211 Reducing inflammation
& # 8211 Improving digestion
& # 8211 Reducing blood pressure
& # 8211 Preventing excessive blood clotting
& # 8211 Reducing tumor growth
& # 8211 Fighting free radicals that attack and damage the body's healthy cells and cause cancer
& # 8211 Strengthen immune function
& # 8211 Prevention of infections, colds and flu
& # 8211 Helps to produce energy
& # 8211 Protecting against macular degeneration
& # 8211 Preventing asthma

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Ingredients for the recipe for flambéed bananas

  • - Bananas - 2
  • - Butter - 80 g
  • - Old - 80 g
  • - Lemon juice
  • - Orange juice
  • - Cognac - 25 ml.

Method of preparation

1. Melt 50 butter, add the peeled bananas to the pan and fry them on each side for 2 minutes (until golden brown).
2. After browning, carefully remove them.
3. In another pan, melt the other part of the butter, add the sugar and mix until a golden color is obtained. Pour the lemon juice and the orange juice. Stir continuously until the syrup begins to thicken.
4. Add the bananas. Let them boil in the syrup for a minute.
5. Pour the cognac over the bananas and quickly turn the lighter over. We move the pan a little to calm the fire.
Flambéed bananas are ready.
Serve with the syrup in which they boiled plus whipped cream, ice cream or yogurt.

The average grade given by the jury for this recipe is 8.75.

Re & # 539 recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Flambéed bananas, with butter, lemon, orange, ice cream, french recipe

Pineapple ice cream

Pineapple ice cream from: coconut flakes, milk, white rum, yolks, vanilla, sugar, white chocolate, whipped cream, pineapple, bitter chocolate, butter, coconut syrup.


  • 50 g coconut flakes
  • 125 ml milk
  • 6 tablespoons white rum
  • 2 yolks
  • core from a vanilla stick
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 80 g white chocolate
  • 100 ml fresh
  • 1 pineapple
  • 60 g dark chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon coconut syrup or liqueur

Method of preparation:

Fry the coconut flakes. Pour the milk and 4 tablespoons of rum. Bring to the boil. In a metal bowl, beat the yolks with vanilla core and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Incorporate the hot milk and heat the composition in a bain-marie, stirring (do not let it boil), until it thickens. Take the pot off the heat.

Chop the white chocolate and melt in a bain-marie, in 3 tablespoons whipped cream. Incorporate in egg cream. Refrigerate for about 60 minutes. Lightly beat the rest of the whipped cream and incorporate it into the composition.
Put in the freezer for about 4 hours. Every 30 minutes he fights with the goal.

Peel a pineapple, grate it and cut it into cubes. Mix together with 2 tablespoons of rum and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Let marinate for 10 minutes. Melt the dark chocolate with butter and coconut syrup.

The pineapple is placed in dessert bowls and garnished with a scoop of ice cream. Pour the chocolate sauce and serve.

Ice cream, Cream by the glass: Laura Adamache recipes

Ice cream and glass cream recipes are an ideal solution for hot summer days, when, although we have a craving for something sweet, it is not very easy for us to turn on the oven. In this category you will find various homemade ice cream recipes, both for ice cream recipes that require the use of the ice cream machine, and ice cream recipes prepared classically, without the help of the machine. Culinary cream recipes are another delicious temptation dedicated to summer days. So, I invite you to try the chocolate ice cream recipe, the vanilla ice cream recipe, the quick semifreddo recipe with coffee and, last but not least, the yogurt cream with melon, delicious banana mousse, the chocolate cream recipe at phar and many other recipes that will surely help you get through the hot days more easily.
I look forward to trying them all!

Frozen yogurt with chocolate

Yogurt ice cream, creamy and flavorful & # 8211 ice cream machine recipe Frozen yogurt, recipe [. ]

Dessert ice cream with pineapple, bananas and yogurt - Recipes


You can't even say "biscuit
With pineapple compote ”
And you see that from the plateau everything
Only one slice left!


  • 30 Savoiardi biscuits
  • 250 gr mascarpone
  • 150 gr white chocolate
  • 1 diced pineapple compote (from SunFood)

WORK PLAN cake without baking with mascarpone and pineapple

  1. This cake is definitely dedicated to those who have limited time resources, but want to eat a homemade dessert.
  2. we chose this variant of cake without baking, which is perfect especially in these hot summer moments when we want to use the oven as little as possible. The mascarpone and pineapple cake does not require an oven or too many ingredients. That being said, we quickly make the cream: melt the white chocolate on a bain-marie, then let it cool for a few more minutes. Add it over the mascarpone cream. Homogenize with a silicone spatula. The cream is ready. (picture 1).
  3. The biscuits: we pass each one through the pineapple compote, then we place them on a plate. I placed 10 biscuits on each layer, to make the cake higher (ie three layers). Divide the cream into three, in order to place a layer of cream between the layers of biscuits , but also to remain on top (over the last layer of biscuits, so you can glue the pineapple pieces). Then garnish with the pineapple pieces.
  4. Good appetite for the cake without baking with mascarpone and pineapple! (picture 5). If you want to try another dessert that is made very quickly, I recommend a yogurt shake with pineapple and bananas.

Pineapple, mango and banana ice cream

I don't know when this summer is over. When I wrote the last article we enjoyed the pandispan cherries, now we already enjoy the plums and grapes. I haven't been on vacation yet, but my weekends have been so busy that I haven't been able to write anything here. Don't be scared, I cooked for cooking, even on the go, I even posed from time to time, but I didn't come out at all with the processing of the pictures and the writing of an article. Instead, lately I have posted quite a lot on Insta Stories, where it is much more convenient for me to add pictures or videos with activities food related or not. If you want to see what other foodie discoveries I make, how often I make bread or what my fridge looks like on a Saturday, you can follow me on Instagram.

Returning to summer, one of the discoveries made while looking for something to cool us on a hot day, was ice cream with pineapple, mango and banana, which I loved. It is vegan, without sugar and is ready in 10 minutes, without the need for an ice cream machine. You need frozen fruit and a food processor. I had bananas and pineapples put in the freezer by me before I went on vacation, and I had bought frozen mangoes earlier. I also added fresh basil leaves and lime peel, which fit perfectly in this slightly exotic combination.


If you are at regime or follow a weight loss diet, you don't have to completely give up the desserts you like.

Turn them into dietary preparations and so you will be able to continue to enjoy them without remorse.

Yogurt ice cream with bananas and peanut butter

When it comes to ice cream, the authors of raw-vegan recipes give us many ingenious ideas. For example, a very good ice cream we can only get from simple fruits, frozen, or of fruit and yogurt.

Who could refuse one ice cream without sugar and eggs? Besides being dietary and harmless to those who have weight problems, this ice cream is also of tasty.

It is very easy to prepare at home. The ingredients are frozen and then mixed in a blender. You don't even need a special ice cream machine.

Ice cream with yogurt and bananas - recipe

• 2 ripe bananas
• 1 cup of Greek yogurt
• 2 tablespoons peanut butter
• 1 tablespoon of honey
• 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

Peel a banana, grate it and slice it. You can put them in a bag or on a tray.

After they have hardened, they are placed in the bowl of the robot with the S blade and mixed together with the yogurt, peanut butter, honey and cocoa powder. You need to get a fine and creamy composition.

It is fluffy, cold and creamy enough to be served immediately as such. If you like "ice cream", put it in a saucepan or in glasses, and put it in the freezer. Leave it for a few hours.

This ice cream can be served plain, or with chopped fruit, chopped hazelnuts or other toppings.

It is rich enough in protein and full enough to replace a frugal breakfast for overweight people.

As it does not contain sugar, it can also be offered to children, except those with allergies to peanuts or peanuts. In fact, peanut butter is optional. You can prepare this ice cream very well only from yogurt, bananas and other fruits.

Source: Skinny MS., Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream: https://skinnyms.com/chocolate-peanut-butter-banana-ice-cream/

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

If you tried this ice cream recipe with bananas and raspberries (without sugar), I would be happy to tell you your opinion, in a comment below. Recipe: Banana ice cream with only 2 ingredients. Did you find some forgotten bananas in the fruit basket?

That's how I came to try these banana ice cream recipes as a base and I really like them! Super Banana Ice Cream Recipe! Over the banana composition we add: cream, condensed milk and yogurt.

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